Amy & Jacob

We want to share with you a lovely little wedding we did a few years back for Amy & Jacob. Jacob and the little guy are wearing our 2012/2013 gray yellow plaid necktie and bow tie.

Amy shared with us a bit of their love story:

“I had been divorced for three years after being married for six years
and we had adopted a beautiful boy together. Who is now 5.

I spent a lot of time as a mom and dealing with some strange dating
situations!!  I played volleyball every night that I didn’t have my
son or could get someone to be at my apartment while he slept. It has
always been a passion and stress reliever for me! I met Jacob playing
volleyball and we chatted a bit. I enjoyed his company so I asked him
if I could have his number. I don’t like waiting around for men to
make the move, never have!! He handed it over freely!!! We began
talking on a Thursday and I got tired of waiting ( I know I’m so
patient) so I asked if he wanted to go out to dinner on Monday night
with me, my treat! There is so much more to the story. But I won’t
bore you with all the details.

Suffice it to say….. He stole my heart after believing I could never
have true happiness. We were married on July 10, 2012 after dating for
about 13 months or so. We had a beautiful ceremony and a gorgeous
reception!! My little boy got to be there and loves jacob so much!!
They loved each other soon after meeting!! Our day was crazy special
for us both!! I am so grateful to have found such an incredible man to
take on a divorced women with a little boy. And thank God everyday
that I found him!!

Everything at my reception was hand made by me, friends, or family it was a lot of hard work but turned out exactly how I imagined it!” Amy


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