Bechard Wedding

Amy & Steve had a simple DIY wedding in Brittish Columbia. Their special day was filled with fun twists, such as a haunted building to homemade beer. And of course the men were looking their best in our blue/green/plaid freestyle bow ties.

“We had a pretty low-frills wedding… After dating for several years in Vancouver we decided to move to Victoria, BC and get married. Victoria is a very pretty harbour city and we are loving it here so far. Our ceremony was held in a historic courtroom in the Maritime Museum of BC, a national historic site with lots of quirks and widely thought to be very haunted. We had a beautiful wedding day followed by our reception at the Union Club of BC.

We both work in the design industry, so we used our DIY spirit to keep the wedding easy and affordable. We made our own invitations, bouquets, centerpieces, desserts.. even our own beer! But the day wouldn’t have been complete without our beautiful matching bow-ties, which everyone at the wedding loved.” -Amy

Photography by Georgie Wilson found at


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